President's Message
Respected seniors and Dear fellow professional colleagues,

It gives me immense pleasure and thrill to take charge of the most prestigious and one of its kind federations of Tax Professionals in the entire country. It is a matter of Proud that Federation is entering in its 30th year of activity and I am blessed to be a 29th president of it. I applaud and heartily congratulate Shri Adv Bharat L Sheth and entire team of AGFTC 2020-2021 for their outstanding, memorable and eventful year even in most challenging times.

We have not forgotten pandemic and its disastrous effect in the past during second wave of COVID. Still it has not gone but we have a weapon in form of vaccination to get protection against it and to save life of our loved ones. Though the challenge is not over but AGFTC team will always strive to work for the empowerment of its members. I personally and humbly request with folded hands to all of you to get vaccinate yourself and your family members.

As per the words of Andrew Carnegie,” Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.” On this 17th day of July, 2021 Team AGFTC 2021-2022 is taking charge of the federation and this team will move forward with a vision to expand the memberships of the federation, impartation and updating of knowledge through various webinars, mofussil programs, seminars, AGFTC apna dware and tax conclaves, meaningful and effective representations in Income Tax and GST, Interactive programs with members of AGFTC and Governmental authorities, To publish easy to read learning materials frequently, To motivate members to impart education for the benefit of whole community.

For this year theme of Team AGFTC is “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”. Being Knowledgeable in our profession is natural way of being free from uncertainties, transform yourself to think high, scale up your ambition and globalize your reach. Team AGFTC will definitely work to achieve professional excellence for its members. Professional excellence signifies giving best of you and deploying skills to ensure that client’s expectations are fulfilled in the best possible manner.

Now AGFTC is Technology efficient. We are going On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Watsapp Business. We will communicate details of it soon. Each member is requested to avail the facility, remain connected with latest events of AGFTC, share your grievances related to tax profession and give your valuable suggestions for further improvement. We are steadily increasing our focus on building skills and competence level of members through various new initiatives so that they can perform outstanding in professional world.

Team AGFTC is floating a new slogan,” WE ARE TAX PROFESSIONALS” to establish the solidarity, unity, brotherhood and oneness amongst the members of the federation. Whether any member of federation is Chartered Accountant, Tax Advocate or Tax consultant by qualification, at last he is a Tax Professional. We all are practicing in taxation and we all are professionals. If we want to progress united, we must get rid of recognizing our self in sections.

Since 1992 to 2021 credit of success of federation goes to its each MEMBER either it is from Mofussil or urban areas. Trust, Faith, Confidence, Support, Appreciation, Participation, Interest and Respect from each and every member of AGFTC makes federation effective. Today I salute to each and every member of federation and Team AGFTC promises to work towards their professional and educational growth.

At last I would like to end my communiqué with the quote of Iron man of India Honorable respected Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel," Faith is of no avail in absence of strength. Faith and strength, both are essential to accomplish any great work."

Adv Kartikey B Shah
All Gujarat Federation of Tax Consultants
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