President's Message
Dear Professional Brothers and Sisters,

It is an honour for me to be present here in Video Conference to accept the position of President of All Gujarat Federation of Tax Consultants. I express gratitude from bottom of heart to all of you for putting trust in me and giving honour to be the President of prestigious Federation. I extend my deep sense of gratitude to The Bhavnagar Income Tax Bar Association and specially to the President of BITBA and my dear friend Shri Rameshbhai Trivedi for recommending my name as representative of Institutional Member.

Being President of this august Federation, I am also aware of responsibility and challenges. I look forward to diligently performing my duties and striving to achieve the vision of the Federation. I am confident of support and encouragement from the office bearers, managing committee, respected past presidents and esteemed members.

The prime object of the Federation is to penetrate at the grass root level and render services to tax professionals and tax payers. Its intentions are to build a bond of trust between tax payers/tax professionals & Government/Tax Administration. It also aims to deliver justice to the tax payer without any extraneous consideration. The Federation has a proud past and an exciting future.

And as I refer to its proud past

I wish to acknowledge the achievements of our outgoing youngest and Dynamic President Mr. Dhruvenbhai Shah. Dhruvenbhai, We have benefitted so much from your term as President. Your leadership of the Federation was steady, assured and pragmatic. All past Presidents has put high bench mark for all incoming President..But Outgoing President Shri Dhruvenbhai has done marvelous work during his tenure. The Tax Conclave was excellent in all aspects. As we all know that due to Covid-19, Lock down was declared throughout country on 25th March 2020. The President and his worthy team have find out the way to enrich the knowledge of members of federation through video conference from 4th April 2020 itself. During the Covid-19 lock down period twenty webinar organized which include nine webinar under genius series.

And so, to the future.

Over the next year The Team AGFTC will continue to build on our strengths, but also take on new directions. The Team AGFTC will continue programs that strengthen our professionalism – through education and training. The Team AGFTC will also retain our commitment to solidarity, ensuring that our members can have more opportunities and assistance to develop the skills.

The Team AGFTC will continue to arrange Webinar on various subject of legal interpretation of Law and Judgment of Supreme Court and various High Courts as well as practical difficulties regarding information technology faced by senior members who are not acquaint with computer. The Suggestion of members regarding subject and speakers are highly appreciated.

The Team AGFTC will try to visit each and every institutional member association through Video conference to know their problems and get suggestion regarding activity to be done at moffusil area. After the situation created due to Covid-19 become normal, The Team AGFTC will meet personally to members of Institutional member. The project will be “ AGFTC આપણા દવારે “. The Team AGFTC will also arrange seminars at various moffusil areas.

The strength of any association is its members. To enhance our strength, this year we have membership drive. The target is 200+. It is team work and Team AGFTC wish that all members try their level best to register at least two new members. The new changed Constitution has now objected of doing educational program for both Direct and Indirect Taxes. The Sales/Vat/Gst Bar Associations of moffusil area is yet not become institutional member of Federation. I request all members from various zones to convince local bar association to become institutional member of Federation.

The Team AGFTC would be glad to receive any feedback or suggestions on the functioning of the Federation, events and publications that you would like to witness, or any other matter concerning the profession.

In the present scenario of Covid-19, all are scared. The situation is going worse to worst. So let us recite this Shanti Sloka.

(May all be Happy, free from Illness, see what is Auspicious and may no one suffer)

Place : Bhavnagar
Date : 27th June 2020

Bharat L.Sheth
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