Sr. No. Title Posted On Link Download
1 TAX GURJARI FOR THE YEAR 2014-2015  09-02-2015 Download
2 Tax Gurjari Issue 4 for year 2013-14  12-08-2014 Download
3 Tax Gurjari Issue 3 for year 2013-14  07-07-2014 Download
4 Tax Gurjari Issue 2 of Year 2013-14  07-07-2014 Download
5 Tax Gurjari Issue 1 for year 2013-14  07-07-2014 Download
6 Tax Gurjari Issue for year 2012-13  07-07-2014 Download
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As per the proposal of the President and unanimously approved by all the 25 members of the managing committee in the 1st meeting of the managing committee held on 13/08/2016 and in the presence of the President Emeritus, a sum of Rs.11,000/- will be given as a gesture of donation or contribution to the associated associations of AGFTC for organizing the seminars on Taxation in their respective cities.

Representations made on 05/09/2016 with P.C.C.I.T for TDS officers to be appointed at the cities where there are Income tax wards & scrutiny should be restricted to the point only mentioned in the case of limited scrutiny.
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